Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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MedShift X-Changevideo

MedShift X-Change – Solving Staffing Needs at a Low Cost | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Physician assistants, doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners work in demanding professions. It’s important they’re available for scheduled shifts, to provide important patient care. But what happens when unexpected events get in the...

Giift – Manage Your Loyalty Cards | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Loyalty programs that allow you to redeem free or discounted services and products are a great way to save money in the long run. It seems every business offers loyalty...
Social Gracesvideo

Social Graces – Creating Happier and More Peaceful Households | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch While mobiles devices can sometimes seem to distract and damage the communication between parents and kids, there is an app out there that has made it their mission to cultivate a...
iPad writing appvideo

Taking Note with the Nebo App

AppWatch I may be surrounded by numerous computers, a smartphone or two, and an iPad, not to mention a couple Echo’s, some smart TVs and a robot vacuum, but when it comes...

Pocket Earth – Travel without Roaming | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Traveling without decent access to the internet can be challenging. Sometimes we need guidance so we arrive at our intended destinations. That’s where Pocket Earth comes in. Pocket Earth provides detailed...

Ringon – Cutting-edge Instant Messaging and Voice Over App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch When we think of tech advances we often think of Silicon Valley out in California. But there are tech breakthroughs and exciting apps being developed all over the world, especially in...

Goals App is the #1 Goal Tracker to Help You Reach Your Health Objectives

AppWatch Lack of goal attainment or, more accurately, the inability to achieve what we want out of life is the one factor preventing us from living a fulfilling life. We lash out...
Scanument - NewsWAtchvideo

Scanument – Easy Digital Scanning App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review It's the digital era, but some people just didn't get the memo. You may still find yourself dealing with paper documents which you need to convert to a digital file....

Ghostery – Eliminates Clutter and Speeds Up Page Loads | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report The convenience of the internet has made life easier but it comes with a few caveats – specifically slow, cluttered websites that lack anonymity. Ghostery is your one-stop-shop that provides...

Remind Your Friends to Vote with the Vote.org App by Outvote

AppWatch The midterms are less than a week away and whether you lean left or right, you need to get out and make your vote count. While you’re at it, make sure your...

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Teleport to the Other Side of Earth with Google AR Portal

By: Nick Gambino You know how when you were little people would say if you dug deep enough through the ground beneath your feet you’d...

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