Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Business to Business (B2B)

Business to Business (B2B)


LOVIS – Understand and Grow Your Company With Ease and Simplicity

Running a business is no easy feat. Interacting with customers and conducting sales is a small part of the day-to-day, but you don't need to feel overwhelmed. If you're looking to...

Unify Twin – AI Powered Organization

Industries are advancing at a mad rate thanks to the integration of AI and unprecedented digital technologies. This next company is looking to disrupt virtually any industry that depends upon machinery...

Tech-Adaptika Is Helping Onboard New Employees in a More Interactive Way

Most studies suggest that by 2025 almost 50% of employees will change jobs as a result of COVID-19 and automation. That's what experts call Job-displacement - and it is becoming the...

Hustle – The Trusted Leader in Peer-to-Peer Texting

Biz Report Hustle is the trusted peer-to-peer text messaging platform bringing video to market before anyone else. One-click videos are as easy as…well, one click. With Hustle’s combined texting and video capabilities, organizations can...

BluVector – The Most Advanced Cyber Protection on the Market

Biz Report Cyber attacks are only getting more prevalent. We’re seeing a 6000% increase in destructive attacks and 89% of organizations suffer from security staff shortages. So you see the problem? Well, we’ve found...

Boardsi Is the Modern Recruiting Company Helping to Find the Most Qualified Candidates

Biz Report Board members of large corporations hold trusted positions that can’t be filled by just anyone. But finding qualified candidates is easier said than done. Unless you’re using Boardsi. Boardsi is a...

FormAssembly Is Streamlining the Process of Collecting Personal Data

Biz Report Data is not only the backbone of an organization, it’s the marrow, allowing the company to operate in any capacity at all. But data collection and form building can be...
Harvest Revenuevideo

Harvest Revenue Group – Helping Companies Recover Lost Revenue

Biz Report If you or your company sell consumer merchandise to Amazon, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, or other major retailers, you are losing money. Whether in fines, penalties, or audit claims, the result is...

Officium Labs Is Helping Brands Deliver Incredible Customer Experiences

Biz Report Quality customer experience must be a priority for any great company. Servicing the customer, making sure they get exactly what they want is what makes the whole thing work. But that’s...

LogicMelon by Umbrella Is Saving Recruiters Time and Money

Biz Report There are millions of jobs routinely posted online. When you consider multiple applicants to each job, the number of people seeking new employment is astronomical. While this means more choice for...

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Microsoft Working on Disc-less Xbox Series X

By: Nick Gambino In a large leak care of the FTC v. Microsoft case, we got a glimpse into some of the big things Microsoft...

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