Sunday, October 20, 2019

Most Exciting CES 2018 Robots

By: Nick Gambino Whether robots in the future are going to make our lives easier as an electronic servant wired to do our bidding or if the little machines with personality will...

DIYZ – Do It Yourself Help | NewsWatch Review

CES DIY projects around the house not only save you money but instill a sense of pride in knowing you produced something with your own two hands. But every DIYer can use...

1MORE – Quad Driver Headphones | NewsWatch Review

CES On the quest for the perfect headphone we’ve come across one we had to share with you. 1MORE had a pretty successful year with the most highly acclaimed headphones of 2016,...

Hexa Dots – Fun New Take On Matching | NewsWatch Review

CES So, our phones are great for passing time with addictive games we can’t seem to put down. Well get ready to check into mobile game rehab because we’ve got a new...

Sure Shot HD – Living Room Arade Game | NewsWatch Review

CES What if you could combine the fun of home gaming with the immersive thrill of the arcade? Well, now you can with Sure Shot HD. The Sure Shot HD system brings the...

SANO – Quality Kitchen Appliances | NewsWatch Review

CES Home appliances aren’t identical from one product to the next. Sure, advertising might tell you “this is the best blender” but once you try it out you might notice that it...

C-slide Webcam Covers – Protect Your Privacy | NewsWatch Review

CES In recent years, numerous lawsuits and legal actions have been brought against individuals found to be spying on people through their webcams. Culprits range from individual hackers to full-on British government...

Arist – Brew Coffee From Your Phone | NewsWatch Review

CES Now, we all wish our coffee machine at home was as good as the ones at our favorite café, right?  Well, Arist, the latest innovation in coffee brewing, allows you to...

Zmodo – Smart Home Innovations | NewsWatch Review

CES Zmodo has been a leader in surveillance since 2009. They’ve taken their expertise in this industry and applied it to the smart home marketplace.  Here at CES they’re showcasing their complete...

iMCO CoWatch – Amazon Alexa Integrated Smartwatch | NewsWatch Review

CES Walking the floors at CES, it’s a good guess that half of the attendees have used or own an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.  And while it’s an incredible device, the...
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Giphy Gets into Gaming with Giphy Arcade

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