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ever shared photo

Ever – A New Way To Share and Store Photos

By: Nick Gambino With the number of photos we take on a daily basis it's a wonder they haven't created smartphones with 1TB storage. Between selfies, food served to us at a...
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Permanently Ends Production on Galaxy Note 7

By: Nick Gambino After a number of reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bursting into flames, followed by a massive recall, followed by replacement phones also bursting into flames, followed by...

New WhatsApp Update Look a Lot Like Snapchat

WhatsApp rolled out some new features this week that keep the messaging app in the race with Snapchat and iMessage (iOS 10 version). Users can now draw and doodle on photos...
Twitter 140 Characters

Twitter Eases Up On Its 140 Character Limit

By: Nick Gambino Twitter has long been known as the social media platform with a 140 character limit. While annoying, it’s forced users to be more creative about their word choices making...

The Evolution Of The Mobile Phone in 5 Decades or Less

Tech Review Whether you are an IOS or an Android user, chances are if you exist in this century you are an avid phone user and abuser. We love having our phones...

Evutec- Innovative and Fashionable Phone Cases | NewsWatch Review

In this day and age it's nearly impossible to function in everyday life without a smartphone. We are literally using our smartphones for everything including a GPS, a music player, a...

NewsWatch’s Favorite Things 2015

In honor of Oprah's Favorite Things list coming out this week we decided to write up our own slightly geekier version. Basically our favorite tech things that are available for the...
iPhone 6s

Apple Sells Over 13 Million iPhone 6S Units

Tech Report By: Nick Gambino Apple announced that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus sales exceeded 13 million over the weekend, blowing away any previous opening weekend. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, had...
iPad Pro

Top 3 Reveals from Apple Keynote – iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, and Apple TV

Tech Report By: Nick Gambino   Apple’s keynote or address was held last week where the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were announced as well as other exciting product upgrades. At the Bill Graham Civic...
Apple Launch 1

Apple to host iPhone Launch on September 9th – What to expect?

Apple is planning to launch its next iPhone on September 9th- the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will debut in one week at Bill Graham auditorium in San Francisco. The electronics...

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Are Facebook Smart Sunglasses a Good Idea?

Featured photo: natanaelginting By: Nick Gambino Facebook’s relationship with privacy has been strained at best. Despite their more than 2 billion users, they’re not high on...

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