Protecting our kids is our priority as parents. That being said, it’s getting harder and harder to protect them in an ever-expanding digital world. It’s hard to control what they might see or what predators might try to do. So what do you do? Well, your best bet is to use Bosco. Bosco utilizes advanced AI and machine learning to learn your kids’ online environment all keeping their privacy. Moreover, they never share details with a third party.

Bosco is not just there to alert you to something when it happens, but to let you, the parent, know when something might happen. With this tool in place you can stay alert to cyberbullying that’s escalating or even the hint of a grooming situation. There’s a fine line between keeping our kids safe and allowing them the freedom that they need to develop and socialize.

Bosco does away with old methods of protecting our kids from dangerous internet threats by restricting screen time and blocking sites. Not only can that be too restrictive, but it tends to also be ineffective as they find ways around them. Now, Bosco will alert you to individual moments of threat, like when offensive texts are received on popular messaging apps when inappropriate photos are received or taken when a bad mood is detected on a phone call, and so on.

By monitoring the largest range of data sources, they provide parents with the most information regarding their child’s safety. You’ll also receive a real-time location tracker and up-to-date alerts when they arrive or leave a safe location. With a ton of other features like an SOS button and screen time summaries, Bosco is designed to help you keep your kids safe from the dangers of an increasingly complex digital world. It does that by increasing awareness instead of control.

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