So we obviously love technology here, bringing you the latest and greatest in cutting-edge solutions. But tech is also a double-edged sword. Now, as it continues to grow and embed itself into our daily lives through apps like TikTok, text messaging and YouTube, parenting becomes increasingly difficult. So how do you keep kids safe from the perils of too much tech? Well, the OurPact app was designed for that express purpose.

Eturi Corp developed the OurPact app to provide parents with the ability to not only protect kids from intrusive tech, but also to keep them focused on the most important things in life like family, social interaction, outdoor activities, and education. This crossed platform device management app is chock-full of features to limit harm to our kids. Schedule screen time allowance and app access to only the times that you allow. This is a great way to make sure they are doing what they should when they should, like during school, mealtime, or at bedtime.

The view tool lets parents see screenshots of what their kids are engaging with on their devices. These screenshots include helpful category warnings like sexual content, profanity, violence, and more. Parents can even create their own custom category warnings on any content that they don’t want their child watching. They also can block specific apps that they deem too intrusive. Parents can restrict the use of social or gaming apps as well to only certain times of the day.

They can even remove inappropriate apps and prevent them from being re-downloaded. And finally, OurPact includes a locator function so you can keep tabs on your child at all times and check in with them at any given moment.

Download the OurPact app in the Google Play or Apple app store or visit today.