Cancellations are endemic across our entire healthcare system. Every year, the industry loses over $150 billion due to missed appointments. In addition, patients aren’t able to access the care that they need, especially those in rural, aging, and other vulnerable communities. Healthcare providers that are able to solve these cancellation problems are positioned to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and provide better patient care.

MedTrans Go helps healthcare providers get to the root of this problem with a powerful HIPAA-compliant tool to reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations. They provide access to non-emergency transportation, certified interpretation, telemedicine, and prescription delivery services, all in a single easy-to-use platform. Instead of inefficiently scheduling individual services with multiple companies, this one-stop solution allows healthcare providers to request, access, and organize these essential services using a single interface.

Need to schedule a ride for your patient? MedTrans Go offers safe and reliable sedan, wheelchair, stretcher, and concierge services. Need an on-demand or scheduled interpreter? MedTrans Go offers certified medical interpreters in 120 languages, including ASL, for in-person video and phone appointments. We now have a single platform to remove the barriers to receiving the care that your patients deserve. MedTrans Go, where technology meets care.

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