Will Smith and Margot Robbie In Focus | NewsWatch Review

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Will Smith returns to the big screen once again as con man Nicky Spurgeon in the new comedic crime drama film Focus. When he meets a woman from his past played by Margot Robbie, things get a little complicated.

Some critics praise the film for its style and witty dialogue, while others critque it for pretty much those same reasons. Sean P. Means of the Salt Lake City Tribune describes it as, “…a doughnut of a movie: sweet and tasty all arund, but with no center”. A common complaint is the movie tries to make up for its lack of substance by really laying on the style. How much substance a film like this requires, we suppose, is up to the viewer to decide. Witty dialogue and excellent cinematography are definitely the films strongsuits, so it will assuredly keep your attention.

Focus mixes a solid script with comedy, drama, and even some romance. Go check it out while it is still in theaters and you’ll have a good time.


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