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MWC 2016

You know we couldn’t leave Barcelona without checking in with START Innovations, one of the biggest game changers in the OSS solution space. They are the guys that created iOSS (Multi-vendor end-to-end solution, which is used by the leading telecom operators for monitoring and troubleshooting, network utilization analytics and equipment configuration control on the national level. iOSS automates technical business processes, enables network quality control and capacity increase of the existing networks), the product that speeds up data services and improves on-line streaming for the subscribers of Tier-1 network service providers. These are some of the best software products that are presented on the world telecommunication market. We had the pleasure of having START Innovations’ CEO, Fedor Yaminsky explain more.

“iOSS is an orchestration solution which makes sure that all devices on the network are configured to the best possible operation. The benefit of that is higher data rates, better throughput, and better user experience for the subscribers.”

iOSS increases the operator’s revenue by using the already existing network infrastructure to expand data.

“I think we are several years ahead of the competition because we know how to configure the devices end to end so everything, the radio, the transport, the core, any device, just in one solution. I think that’s a big differentiator from the competition.” – Fedor Yaminsky, CEO, START Innovations.

“Founded in 2004, START (Start Innovation LLC) is one of the leading suppliers of OSS solutions and engineering services for telecommunications. Our customers include Tier-one national operators as well as leading international operator groups. START team has experience of successful project delivery in dozens of engineering projects for 2G/3G/4G and fixed networks. Latest technology expertise and large-scale project experience guarantee successful delivery by START. We value our customers and always aim towards long-term partnership.”

If you want to learn more about START Innovations of iOSS, just head to today.

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