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We know nobody wants to spend their day in the waiting room. And doctors are constantly looking for a way to make the whole process more efficient. And these days, primary care margins are low, reimbursement models are changing and medical providers are being required to see twenty or more patients a day. When you add in the loads of paperwork and the growing demand for primary care services with a shortage of doctors and you start to see the underlying problem. was created specifically to deliver innovative digital solutions to increase efficiency and quality in the medical environment.

Their SmartExam software allows providers to automate a large part of their workflow, which ends up reducing the time spent on certain visits. So let’s say you have a cold but want to see a doctor just in case. Usually you would wait for an appointment, then drive to the office, wait in a room for your name to be called, until finally after that long wait, you see the doctor and he tells you to just take some Sudafed. Meanwhile the doctor has to fill out mounds of paperwork after that visit and you have just spent a full day getting absolutely nowhere. SmartExam allows patients to get care remotely and literally in minutes with a diagnosis and treatment or prescription. And all of it is documented digitally, removing a heck of a lot of paperwork and time. Care is provided quickly and at a lower cost with patients typically paying less than $25 per visit.

Think you are ready for SmartExam? Then go ahead and check out for more information on SmartExam and how it could save you time in the doctor’s office.

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