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By: Nick Gambino

The new Silent Partner gadget which actively combats the sound of snoring may just be the greatest invention ever.

silent partnerAccording to the National Sleep Foundation snoring affects about 90 million Americans with 37 million affected regularly. I’m pretty sure with numbers like that we can consider it an epidemic.

While snoring is constant fodder for comedy routines, for some it’s no laughing matter. I personally know of several couples that sleep in separate rooms because one snores like a freight train barreling through a concrete wall. In other words, it’s a real relationship killer.

While there are a number of gadgets and apparatus that work to prevent snoring they look pretty ridiculous and are a nuisance to say the least. Not that I’ve had to wear any of them personally…I swear…stop looking at me like that!

The Silent Partner tackles this problem from a different angle. By adhering this SmartPatch to the bridge of your noise it works to create a silent zone around your face so the sound of you snoring (AKA running a chainsaw through your nose) never reaches the ears of your sleeping partner.

The way it accomplishes this is pretty cool. It uses Active Noise Cancellation or ANC to detect the sound of snoring and then emit a counter sound to cancel it out. It follows the basic concept of putting a plus and minus together results in both cancelling the other out, thus you have a null.

silent partner 2Now it doesn’t work to “cure” snoring or fix the basic problem. It just allows your loved one to get a good night rest and not murder you in your sleep. Those with sleep apnea or other physical problems should still seek out proper remedies.

But it does work for all kinds of snoring. According to co-creator Netanel Eyal, “It’s hard to find a product that works for all snorers, because people snore for a variety of reasons. Because Silent Partner focuses on what is universal – the noise – we can offer a solution to quiet the noise no matter how and why you snore.”

The Silent Partner has been designed to be comfortable and flexible so it’ll adapt to anyone’s face or nose. I’m looking at you Adrien Brody.

Currently they’re crowdfunding through Indiegogo where they’ve raised 655% of their goal or over $717,000. Apparently this is a desperately wanted gadget.

Their plan is to start shipping Silent Partner globally in November 2016. You can pre-order one now for an early bird price of $59 at

What do you think of the technology behind the Silent Partner? Is this innovative device worth buying? Sound off in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter.


Nick Gambino is a regular script writer and tech beat reporter for NewsWatch. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and daughter.


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