EasyJake – Jake Brake Multifunction Switch | NewsWatch Review

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Truck drivers are an essential part of our economy and are the fuel that keeps this country plugging along. That’s why when a product comes along that works to keep truckers safe we want to make sure to let you know about it. EasyJake was designed to replace shift knob skirts and allow truckers to easily operate their engine brake without pulling their hand off the shifter.

A common distraction for truckers on the road is the need to turn on or off the Jake Brake. And sometimes it needs to be done at the most inconvenient or dangerous time – like when a driver is in traffic or going through horrible weather or road conditions. All this adds up to a potentially dangerous situation that requires that driver to take his eyes off the road. By installing EasyJake on the gear switch they won’t have to go hunting elsewhere for the Jake Brake. EasyJake is multi-functional and can work to turn off all different kinds of switches like headlights, fog lights, and tail lights.

EasyJake is a life-saving product made by truckers for truckers. You can buy it in 1 of 4 colors for anywhere between $34.99 and $64.99 by heading to Easyjake.com today.

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