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Apps are used to accomplish just about everything these days, even the simplest of tasks. But despite their popularity, most mobile apps are vulnerable to hacking. In fact, per tech research company Gartner, 75% of apps will fail basic security tests. App developers just don’t have the tools, time, or resources to boost up the security.

The most common hacking practices in the market?

  • App piracy
  • IP Theft/Copycats
  • Behavior modification
  • Malware injection
  • Vulnerability identification
  • Data manipulation

Ok, now if that’s the problem, then AppSolid is the solution. AppSolid is a simple process for powerful security.

It starts by scanning the app for any vulnerabilities. Within minutes it begins protecting your app by applying binary protection. No additional coding is needed by the developer.

After that, it’s a matter of automatic maintenance. Working as a cloud-based security solution, App Solid provides binary protection and supports a variety of platforms.

AppSolid continues to track and monitor your app’s security status in real-time to control any suspicious activities. Its method is to scan so it can diagnose your app of any vulnerabilities, retrieve results in seconds, protect as it applies the binary protection in minutes, and track so it can monitor your app’s security status in real-time and manage suspicious activities.

AppSolid Plugin for Unity

  • Protect your game from the Unity developer environment
  • Strongest level of protection for games – source code protection, memory hacking prevention, and more.

AppSolid for MultiDex

  • Binary security for Android MultiDex
  • Easy to apply – easily upload and download your APK

To use it, all you have to do is upload your file, collect your options and download it in a file. Of course, this is an ideal solution before your app goes to market but even if your app is already live you can apply AppSolid in future updates.

So, if you’re a developer for apps on iOS, Android, Unity 3D or other platforms then you’ll want to check this out by heading to today.