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According to research from John Hopkins University, we see a quarter of a million Americans die from medical error each year. This is the third leading cause of death in the country. Most of these errors stem from systemic problems such as poorly coordinated care, fragmented insurance networks, and lack of safety nets. In other words, administrative errors.

Medal is a timely, secure and hassle-free sharing of patient records from any EMR. All it takes is less than a minute to install. It will help you coordinate between locations with no change to your current EMR.

What’s also beneficial about Medal is that you can request your records from any location in the United States. By being able to quickly and conveniently access these records, it can help prevent errors, gain insight from your history, and personalize your care. The benefit to this is being able to share your complete record with doctors and services to receive individualized care. Doctors can also securely access and transfer your data to other doctors in minutes.

The benefits for health payers:

  • Share records easily to a single destination such as, export health records to PDF or API and catalog clinical concepts.
  • Medal works with existing systems and frameworks to export, structure, and identify clinical data for payers, providers, and their IT teams.
  • No custom integration required.
  • Human and machine readable by recognizing clinical synonyms and medical jargon from multiple health data formats, documents, and systems.

For healthcare providers, you can ensure that you have the right data that you need. Deliver these medical histories to clinicians before the patient arrives and save time.

Records are summarized and coded with links to the original entry so you don’t have to waste time or worry about data integrity.

You also have the ability to donate your data so that you can help save lives.

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