Zacuto – Taking it Up a Notch with the Z-Drive & Tornado Grip | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

A few episodes ago we took a look at how professional videographers are upgrading their equipment with accessories by Zacuto.

During that episode, we took a C300 Cine Canon camera and outfitted it with the Zacuto Gratical EVF Bundle.

We added the helmet kit with their wooden handgrip, then threw on The Gratical HD EVF – a must have for videographers.

We then added the Hawkwoods Gripper batteries on the back for increasing your filming life by about 12 hours, and then finished it off with the VCT Pro Baseplate which allows you to switch between a tripod shot and an over-the-shoulder one.

It’s the type of setup that allows you to run and gun with the best of them while also staying within a reasonable budget.

But what I want to do now is take this setup and jump up a level by adding two more accessories by Zacuto – the Z-drive and the Tornado grip.

The Z-Drive is a direct drive universal follow focus that can be used in an infinite number of positions. It brings your focus control further forward where you need it, as well as down and out to the side.

From there, I definitely recommend adding on the Tornado grip if you’re going to work handheld.

It takes the follow focus and transforms it into a much more practical and comfortable grip that’s perfect for a single operator doing shoulder-mounted filming.

This setup is what our team here at NewsWatch uses for any filming that requires more adjustability and on-the-go footwork. It’s an incredible set of accessories for your camera that any videographer should have in their arsenal.

For more information or to purchase either a Zacuto Gratical EVF Bundle or the Z-Drive and Tornado Grip, visit today.