SkillCrush – Take Coding Classes at Your Own Pace | NewsWatch Review

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The tech industry might look like it’s dominated by young men with fancy degrees, but in reality, technology is for everyone. This means that regardless of your gender, age, race, or background, tech’s a career path that’s easily attainable with a surprisingly low time and money investment—and no prior experience. But if someone wants to make a career shift to technology—especially if they feel unwelcome in the tech world—where do they start?

SkillCrush is an online coding school that welcomes everyone. It gives students the flexibility to take classes at their own pace—and be tech career-ready by the end of the program. Each student has their own personalized dashboard so they can access their classes and check their progress. SkillCrush knows that changing careers or learning something new can be intimidating, so they’ve created a support system that’s available to students along the way. Students get regular 1-on-1 career counseling, resume and portfolio help, and a community to ask questions and collaborate with other students. Upon completion of the courses, students have access to resources to help them find jobs and navigate their new careers.

These learning tech skills will change your life and it doesn’t require a computer science degree! You can make more money regardless of what your background is. Web developers in the U.S. earn $64,000 per year on average, making it one of the highest-paying jobs that doesn’t require a college degree.

SkillCrush can allow you the flexibility to build your own schedule around what you choose matters most and to encourage you to love your work. There’s nothing better than waking up every day and feeling valued, stimulated, and excited to begin work.

Ready to start learning how to code in a way that fits into your life and prepares you for a major, positive career change? Head to today.