Carepoynt – The World’s First Health-Related Reward Program | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that healthcare is complicated and expensive. In comparison to other countries, the U.S. healthcare system is more costly, chaotic, and uncoordinated than anywhere else.

That’s where Carepoynt comes in.

Carepoynt is the world’s first health-related reward program, platform, and network that puts the consumer at the center of their healthcare experience.

Carepoynt focuses on the activities, behaviors, purchases, and connections that help members live a healthier life. Think of it kind of like a points-based travel, retail or credit card program. It’s free to joyn. You can earn Poynts from an extensive community of partners simply by visiting your doctor, purchasing from your favorite retailers, exercising regularly, eating right, participating in employee wellness programs, following a doctor’s care plan and more. By doing so, you can cover your healthcare costs, or treat yourself to the rewards of living well.

You can also redeem Poynts from the same partners, for hundreds of online products and services or share them with family.

Carepoynt is making healthcare more Rewarding for ALL of us. How awesome is that?

So, if you want to Live Well, Be Rewarded and Share in the Carepoynt Community ‘Joyn’ today at