Whether you are a regular or casual gamer, or just an interested onlooker, you will have noticed that the online gaming world has changed out of all recognition in recent years. It has certainly come a long way from the days of Doom and Air Warrior.

In their day, those titles were considered to be at the cutting edge, but online technology has made possible a revolution in the gaming experience in the last few years, leading to games and gaming experiences that are pushing the boundaries of what we ever thought possible. Here are a few ways in which technology is powering online gaming.

The rise of social gaming in world of online casinos

The most obvious way in which technology has changed gaming is in the social element. Far from the clichéd depiction of solitary gamers playing in isolation in their parents’ basement, modern online gaming, through MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, creates a genuine sense of community, enabling players to interact with others from all countries, backgrounds and ages, and all possible thanks to the development of faster internet speeds and the increasing ability of software developers to maximize the potential of online play.

NJ Online Casino revolution

The online gaming revolution hasn’t just affected regular gamers. Casino gamers and sports betting fans have been enjoying a greatly enhanced online experience, thanks to the development of new technology. Whether you are checking out the latest slots at 888 Casino NJ or exploring the recently legalized online sports betting industry, you will be able to enjoy high definition graphics, smooth and responsive interaction, and a host of gaming features, including live casino games and 3D movie-themed slots titles, all without ever having to leave your house to visit a casino venue.

Mobile Gaming on the go

The rapid development and exploitation of faster internet speeds has been matched by a revolution in mobile technology. Smartphones are everywhere, and they are increasingly the means of choice through which people access the internet. They have also changed out of all recognition from the early mobile devices. Now the average smartphone is packed with processing power and can display stunning graphics and play movie-quality sound, enabling gamers to enjoy the latest titles wherever they happen to be.

Beautiful casino graphics

The most obvious way in which technology has changed modern online gaming is through the aesthetics of games. As the processing powers of computers and consoles continues to grow, and internet access speeds rise, software developers have been able to utilize these new tools to the maximum, producing graphical and sound effects that can make games from just a few years ago look as though they belonged in a different era. New technology has enabled online gaming to become the immersive, stunning visual experience that the pioneers of gaming back in the 1960s and 1970s could only dream about.

Walkthroughs and in-game boosts

New technology has not only produced online games that are stunning to look at and absorbing to play, it has also enabled the development of walkthroughs, which have become a central part of the gaming experience. Anyone considering purchasing a new game can watch video footage of other gamers walking through the game to get a feel for it, and online walkthroughs are particularly useful if you find yourself stuck or in need of advice during a game. Modern online gaming also offers the chance to purchase in-game equipment, weapons or other upgrades to help players succeed.

A new gaming dimension

Gaming technology is also bringing new dimensions to our online gaming world. While 3D, VR and AR have been around for a while, in recent years software developers have been able to incorporate these dimensions into online gaming more effectively. AR has been used to more accurately mimic human behavior, which makes for more realistic gaming, while 3D graphics are smoother than ever, and we are also in the early stages of a VR revolution as developers are starting to exploit the gaming possibilities of this new technology.


The gamers of the 1980s, hunched over their Commodore 64s and Atari consoles could not have imagined the way in which gaming would develop. Modern gaming is an immersive, social, completely absorbing experience that is popular with players from all backgrounds. As software and hardware technology continues to develop, the future of NJ online casinos promises to be an exciting one.