Riego Smart Watering System – The Smart Way to Care for Your Plants | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

Including plants in your home is not only aesthetic but also health-conscious.  But while livening up your home with plants is something we all want to do, some of us just can’t seem to water them regularly.

The Riego Smart Watering system is a modular drip irrigation system along with a smart moisture sensor, a sleek water reservoir, and a dedicated app. Keeping your plants alive has never been easier!

Riego watering system

The reservoir is a container that holds the water which will be distributed to your plants through the drip system. The reservoir is built to be sleek and modern looking, so you don’t have to worry about it being an eyesore. This is also the central communication hub for the sensors and the pump.

The sensor unit communicates to the central hub via Bluetooth and because the central hub is connected to WiFi you can check on your plants from anywhere in the world through the Riego app.

The Riego app will let you know how much water is left in the reservoir, as well as look at the data your Riego sensor has accumulated about the health of your plants.

It will also have a “Your Garden” section that will make recommendations for different plants regarding light and watering schedules.

Learn more today at Riego.llc.