Clear Impact Scorecard Helps Non-Profits Achieve Measurable Community Impact

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Organizations have a lot of fast-moving parts that are hard to keep straight. As the size of the organization grows, so do the parts and the speed of those parts. Now, add in the more complicated aspect of nonprofits, and as program managers and grant managers will tell you, you’ve got a lot on your hands.

Results and accountability are important factors in any organization but especially in nonprofits. When you’re looking at impact on a community or a certain section of the society, you’ve got a lot more responsibility to make sure performance is above board. Outside of a basic, jerry-rigged system that involved a lot of spreadsheets, how do you actually keep all of these moving parts straight to ensure full accountability and real results? That’s not just a rhetorical question. There’s an answer. The answer lies in a software developed by Clear Impact.

Clear Impact Scorecard is a great place to start. This web-based software gives program managers and grant managers in nonprofits a way to align their organization’s strategic planning and performance management efforts in order to create high-performing programs, enhance accountability and achieve real measurable community impact.

The whole software is built on the hugely popular Results-Based Accountability Framework as laid out in the book Trying Hard is Not Good Enough by Mark Friedman. The basic idea is that you can simplify performance management and reporting by creating easy-to-access custom scorecards for each point of contact or, more crudely, each stop on the overall assembly line.

Customers and partner organizations can enter their own Scorecards and link them up with those of the nonprofit, so everyone can share data and coordinate their efforts accordingly. The idea behind the Clear Impact Scorecard system is to not just measure performance but improve it.

Transparency is more important these days than ever before, especially for nonprofits. That’s why nonprofits have the option of placing their Scorecards on their own public website to create transparency and accountability for stakeholders, funders and the people they help.

Clear Impact Scorecard is being used by program managers and grant managers in over 1,500 organizations across the globe. These nonprofits include those in public health, education and workforce development. The nature of this web-based performance accountability software even allows it to be used in more than just nonprofits.

You can find out more about Clear Impact and start using Clear Impact Scorecard by visiting their website at