Find the Bandage That Matches Your Skin Tone with Tru-Colour

Consumer Update

The next time you stop at the store to stock up on bandages, notice that there is one universal color across most brands, a color meant to only represent one skin tone.

What started as a father’s chance to affirm and celebrate his son’s identity in 2014, developed and grew into the brand standard for diversity in healing today.

Tru-Colour believes in the beauty of the individual and exists to provide skin tone shade bandages and kinesiology tape for everyone, no matter their skin tone.

Tru-Colour Bandages

Tru-Colour bandages come in four colors to match a majority of skin tones.

They offer a variety of sizes in addition to their standard size, including their patented fingertip and knuckle bandages.

Each bandage type is available in those four inclusive skin tone shades.

In addition to bandages, they also offer kinesiology sports tape for beige and dark skin tone with additional shades coming soon.

Tru-Colour isn’t merely trying to start some new trend. They are serious about cementing a standard that will be the new norm moving forward.

You can purchase your Tru-Colour bandages and find out more about the brand by visiting