ByteChek – The Ultimate Cybersecurity Assessment Platform for Your Business

Tech Report

Let’s face it – cybersecurity assessments aren’t always the easiest or the fastest process for companies to do.

Well, ByteChek, was built to make the entire process a whole lot simpler for organizations of all sizes.

ByteChek is an automated cybersecurity assessment platform, at its core. Essentially, they’re here to help make the process of an IT audit faster through automation.

In addition to the platform, ByteChek provides services to clients such as helping them get through the platform, through a cybersecurity assessment, and much more.

ByteChek’s objective is to get through the compliance process. Small organizations, as they grow, are asked to prove security to their vendors and customers. The way this is achieved is through a third-party audit.

Traditionally, this has zapped resources, time, money, and hasn’t really added a lot of security value. Fortunately, this is where ByteChek comes in so you can get through the process quickly as well as security value.

With a background in IT auditing, ByteChek has performed hundreds of these engagements. So when it comes to frameworks, they understand from a cybersecurity and compliance perspective, what needs to be delivered in order to complete an efficient audit.

Learn how you can automate and streamline your security assessments today by heading to