Enhance Your Smartphone Camera with Xenvo

Tech Report

The iPhone, especially the newest models, features some of the best cameras on the smartphone market. But despite the advanced camera tech that resides in the iPhone, it needs something to push it over the edge into the realm of a professional camera. Ditto for other smartphones.

The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit is the ultimate way to enhance your camera.

With just a clip, you can use either of their modular lenses that harness the power of your smartphone camera and unleash its full potential.

And it works flawlessly on laptops and tablets too. The first lens that you can clip on is the wide lens.


While you can use this lens for stunning outdoor shots, they’re perfect for working at home, especially if you want to give an audience a better view of what you’re doing.

While the Macro Lens picks up the heavy lifting on the other end of the spectrum,
allowing you to shoot super close-up photos, capturing intricate details with crystal clear focus, making it perfect for those bloggers who want to take detailed photos.

And while lenses go a long way in upping your photo game, sometimes you just need a little more help to take photos.

The Shutterbug allows you to step back from the camera and take photos up to 30 feet away, meaning you never have to be left out of a picture again.

While the Squidgrip Tripod, with its super-flexible legs, allows you to stabilize your phone on a variety of surfaces to get the perfect shot.

With so many working from home, like teachers and instructors, we need a way to up our photo and video game. Head over to XenvoPro.com to find out how you can get the ultimate companions to your phone’s camera.