AIMS Provides Everything You Need for Total Off-Grid and Mobile Power

Tech Report

When you’re in the middle of nowhere and need access to power, what do you do? You’re literally off the electrical grid so the answer is you go solar. Solar power harnesses the power of the sun to supply all the energy you need.

AIMS is the leader in power inverters that make the whole solar system work.

Power inverters change DC power into AC power, allowing you to power up just about anything from appliances to electronic devices.

Off-Grid TechAIMS supplies everything you need for total off-grid and mobile power. Their products include solar panels, mounts, power inverters, cables and fuses, charge controllers, and batteries.

Working with OEM designers and manufacturers in a variety of industries has put AIMS in a unique position to help design the best and safest systems on the market.

Right now their power inverters are specifically geared to cover RVs, utility vehicles, and off-grid power, but they’ve got some surprises coming down the pike.

AIMS is going to release a new hybrid line that will allow your home or office to grid-tie or load share so you’ll have access to back-up power when your local power company goes down.

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