Jooki – Kid Loved, Mom Approved

We love products that integrate technology with fun entertainment for the kids without the use of screens. And that’s exactly what Jooki is. Jooki is a wifi and Bluetooth-enabled speaker that allows parents and kids to play a wide selection of kid-friendly music and stories. It’s ideally designed for the family that wants to spark kids’ imaginations and limit screen time.

15,000 of the first-gen Jookis sold already, and the next improved version, faster, lighter, and more affordable is now available. Jooki is more than just a speaker you turn on and off as well. It uses innovative toy touch technology and allows parents to associate content with a playlist or story on the Jooki with a figurine or a token. This allows kids to activate the speaker all by themselves by simply placing the figurine or token on the Jooki. Once in place, the playlist starts. And the sound is great.

It’s like magic, and it’s a great way to keep kids engaged, without the need for screens. Jooki is simply the best kid’s music and story player for a screen-free childhood. Find out more about how to get your hands on one of these kid-friendly speakers by heading on over to