My – Stay Up To Date With Whats Around

While staying up to date with the world that large is important, it’s equally, if not more important to connect with your local community. But with an endless parade of social media apps with cluttered feeds and too broad a picture, what do you do to stay engaged with your own neighborhood? Check out the MyCommunity.Today app. This platform provides daily updates about your local community while also giving you numerous ways to interact with your immediate environment.

We could not find a central location or application where community members can engage in local issues and receive quality news and information about the neighborhood. A vibrant community requires a vibrant local economy that contributes to the wellbeing and health of the community members by offering financial security and opportunities.

So MyCommunity.Today was built from scratch to enable users to engage in local issues and support local businesses. We created what they call a social interactive platform, where the user can engage in local issues by posting and interacting with them in the forms of voting, polling, quizzes, questions, and so on. We are building for every local merchant their own mobile app with a fully functional e-commerce platform in a post-pandemic world where the habits of customers have shifted to online shopping

For safety or for convenience reasons a lot of the small businesses and merchants lost their customers to the big giants like Amazon, Walmart, and others. What we trying to do is to level the playing field to give them the same opportunity to offer their product and services. Fire up the MyCommunity.Today app to find news, entertainment, businesses, places to go, things to do, coupons, deals, business reviews, social media interaction, e-commerce, and much, much more.

Download the MyCommunity.Today app in the Google Play or App Store for free today.