Animated Lure – A Smarter Way To Fish

A successful fishing trip consists of a few factors, one of the most important is using the right bait and what attracts fish better than anything else, other fish. That’s the concept behind Animated Lure. This innovative method helps you increase your odds of making a catch and provides entertainment for those who lack patience for the sit-and-wait process of fishing. Animated Lure is the world’s first self-swimming lure, electronically programmed to mimic the swim patterns of real fish. And so it’s pretty convincing easily fooling humans, pets, and, of course, other fish.

Now you’ve got a ton of options to choose from, including saltwater and freshwater lures. You’d be hard-pressed to not find what you’re looking for here from American Cod and Blue Gill to Yellow-Tailed Snappers and Mullets There are scores of colors and three sizes for all your needs. Animated lure Robotic fish is fully rechargeable, so you can use it again and again. When tradition meets technology, you end up with the best alternative to live bait. If you think it swims like a real fish, what will the fish think?

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