GoFish Cam – Get The Most Out Of Your Fishing Experience

Photo by Chris Sarsgard

So with all the advances in camera technology, it’s easier than ever to capture even the most action-based events from jumping out of an airplane to riding your bike down the side of the mountain. But what about all the crazy stuff that’s going on underwater? Now for you fishing enthusiasts there’s finally a way to capture all that elusive underwater action in high definition. GoFish Cam is a revolutionary hydrodynamic digital wireless camera that sits on your fishing line allowing you to capture action-packed footage from the best vantage point. Now, while you might be chilling in your boat or by the river up top, there’s plenty of adventure going on down below.

The GoFish Cam records your bait or lure allowing you to see aquatic creatures in action and gain a unique insight into the underwater fishing experience. It’s a great way to see what you were up against with the one that got away and also a great way to learn how fish are reacting to your lure. The GoFish Cam works in both freshwater and saltwater environments up to 500 feet for trolling, casting, bottom fishing, or Barbra fishing. Now once you retrieve the underwater camera, you can review and download the footage via your laptop, PC or simply use the free GoFish mobile App. The green LED nightlight lets you see in even those out of the way deep and dark crevices to see where fish might be hiding.

The LED light has the added benefit of attracting special types of fish too. The tough military-grade body makes sure your GoFish Cam stands up to even the meanness of fish or rockiest of shoals. Now the rechargeable battery onboard allows for 1.5 to 2 hours of continuous recording. So you shouldn’t miss any of the underwater action.

You can purchase the GoFish Cam today on Amazon or by heading on over to gofishcam.com.