If you’re frustrated with bathroom struggles you’re not alone. Millions of people have difficulty getting completely clean in the bathroom. Well, Dignity Solutions is on a mission to solve this problem. They created the Cascade 3000 bidet seat with the goal of helping as many people as possible get clean with as little help as possible.

Now the Cascade 3000 offers luxurious amenities like an ultra-comfortable heated seat, warm water washing, a warm air dryer that eliminates the need for toilet paper altogether. It’s designed to replace the seat on an existing toilet and so makes for easy installation. Washing with a bidet seat is not only easier than using toilet paper. It’s also more thorough and hygienic.

It’s been proven to help eliminate UTIs heal hemorrhoids, prevent odor and itching and make it easier to use the bathroom on your own if you need help wiping. But what makes the Cascade 3000 so unique? Well, most of the bidet seats on the market aren’t designed for those who wish to age with dignity or simply need extra assistance in the bathroom. Well, the Cascade 3000 comes with a panel that mounts on the wall and features large colored buttons with large print.

A large red button for stop, a large blue button to wash, and so on. It’s easier to read so you hit the right button. And it’s large enough, so you don’t have to worry about being super accurate, a challenge if you experience tremors. Now the oversized brightly colored buttons also make it easy to operate the remote with a foot or elbow. The Cascade 3000 even comes with an auto wash button to get a wash and a dry with the push of a single button. Dignity Solutions is returning ease and independence to the bathroom with a Cascade 3000.

You can purchase yours today by visiting dignitysolutions.com.