If recent events have proven anything, it’s that businesses live and die by the efficiency of freight shipments. And while larger businesses might have insurance policies in place to allow them to weather the storm, small to medium-sized companies need all the help they can get. This is where Ship4wd comes in.

Ship4wd is the only freight forwarder in the world that’s able to guarantee ocean container allocation for small to midsize businesses. With their always-on digital services platform and a truly global network of shipping providers, small business owners can quickly find the right quote and get goods moving faster.

Through their digital-first platform, Ship4wd makes it easy to get multiple quotes for you to compare, and book the one that offers the best cost and transit time immediately. Once your shipment is on the move, you can keep tabs on it through real-time tracking at every stage of transit. Help is also on hand 24/7 to help you run your business with the efficiency needed to stay competitive. Great innovation is finally here with Ship4wd. Set up your free account today and get shipping, visit ship4wd.com today.