Climate change is a huge problem and it’s gonna require collective action if we want to overcome it. And that’s why more than 196 countries have pledged to go net-zero carbon by 2050. The Solaxy Group aims to be at the forefront of combating climate change, by providing economic incentive within a market-based system. Specifically, Solaxy invests in, and develops, extensive emission reduction projects that turn climate action into long-term opportunities for small business owners, organizations, and communities.

At Solaxy, we invest in projects that generate capital in the form of carbon credits and green energy. Through our partnership programs with landowners and developers, we provide the experience and the financing that is necessary to develop those high-quality and diversified portfolios of investment, that will accelerate the creation of offset projects.

We’re built on a group of environmental scientists and engineers, that have dedicated our lives to sustainability and environmental science, specifically, in carbon reduction. We have the expertise to design, implement those projects, to guarantee the maximum CO2 reduction out of the environment. The future of Solaxy Group looks very bright. Besides developing green projects, we’re also launching our first voluntary carbon market exchange in North America.

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