Social media, in theory, is a great idea, but the reality of it is far from ideal. Take politics, for example. Thanks to the echo chamber nature of social media, confirmation bias, and violent divisions are at an all-time high. Politicians are bombarded by opinions, and voters’ voices are lost as politicians rely on outdated and biased polls.

VoxPopin is transforming social media into a tool that harnesses the voice of the people and holds politicians accountable for responding. Here’s how it works. VoxPopin is geo-based, so they can see firsthand, unfiltered accounts of real-time events. Users post, watch, vote, and swap ideas all through videos with people in their area. When a community, AKA a voting district, agrees on an important issue, it’s taken directly to the politician for a response. And if they don’t respond, their opponents can.

VoxPopin is reversing the lines of communication in politics. The people will have an effective way of making their voice unified and heard by their representatives. In a world of red and blue, VoxPopin invites us to embrace the purple.

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