Did ever wonder how many decisions you make each day that are driven by data? Well, surprise. Almost all of them are. Why are you watching that Netflix movie? Well, because it’s got an awesome Rotten Tomatoes score, for example. Why are you using Jira and Confluence? Because this comparison site told you that they were, in fact, the best platforms for team collaboration.

How good your decisions are, depends on how good your data is. And in Jira, how good your data is, depends on how good your reports are. Sadly, most Jira users are in a rut, constrained by complex tech and having to rely on big data engineers to build reports for them. Enter Old Street Solutions, who put the power of software and data into the hands of, well, everyone. Their flagship app, Custom Charts for Jira, lets everyone whip up clear, visual, and dynamic custom reports in a few clicks.

All the charts in the universe are here. Pie, line, bar, funnel, tile, you name it. Build them using drag and drop, save filters, or Jira Query Language. No coding is required. It’s as easy as using an app on your phone. Best of all, create your reports right inside Jira, or, using its mirror image sister app, directly inside Confluence. No more separate databases and admin screens. No more exporting here, there, and well, everywhere.

Simply add the Custom Charts gadget to your Jira dashboard or the Custom Charts macro to your Confluence page, and start making the reports that you want to make, so that your data stories can inspire, persuade, and motivate your teams in a way they never could have before. Make better decisions by starting with this one. Custom Charts, are your easiest decision ever.

Head on over to oldstreetsolutions.com today.