Our busy lives constantly distract us from what truly matters, connecting with our loved ones. Sure, many of us have smartphones that allow us to connect in one way or another but apps will never replace the feeling of being truly present. With that in mind, Enabot created the EBO, a smart companion that allows you to interact, communicate, and connect with your entire family including your pets anytime and anywhere. Enabot is driven by a singular mission, to take their vast experience and expertise in the world of robotics and take it out of the lab and into the home.

Now the EBO fulfills that vision with its built-in companion features that help it easily fit in as part of the family. EBO robs the home with its HD camera providing surveillance that’ll put your mind at ease. Anytime it picks up an abnormality, you’ll be alerted on your phone so that you can act accordingly, sensors on three sides ensure the EBO doesn’t bang into things or fall off ledges. The little robot can identify family members, so it recognizes people, cats, and dogs, and can interact intelligently. It also means it will recognize anyone who shouldn’t be there, again it’s more than just an aerobic security robot. EBO is also a companion, that’s there to help out, you can set it to follow and monitor anyone who might need help like a child or an elderly person. You can also use the EBO to remind loved ones of important things like taking medicine. You can even use the companion app to speak through EBO and interact with your family member or pet. Purchase your EBO companion robot today by visiting enabot.com