PDO threading lifts or what some call lunchtime facelifts are relatively new in the US but they’re fast becoming a popular, minimally invasive, and non-surgical method of capturing that rejuvenated look. Apollo Med Innovations is a main distributor of FDA-cleared PDO threats, whose mission is to support practices, looking to maximize success and deliver what their patients need.

PDO threading stands for Polydioxanone, which is just a material that the thread is made from. It’s been around for a number of years, but there’s been a number of improvements made that have now put us in a great time to be alive for PDO threads because it’s really allowed us to create a real tool in the armamentarium of aesthetics providers to create some rejuvenation with a minimally invasive procedure that allows us to lift tissue, whether it’s on your face or body.

And then as that thread dissolves over the course of six months to a year, it does leave a thread of collagen, there’s a special gift, to continue that rejuvenation. There’s a need for a polymed invasions because it is a company that is hyper-focused on the experience of the provider, with the level of comfort in the use of their services and their products, so they can provide the best result for the customer

Training your entire practice is the first step toward capitalizing on this new and exciting procedure, and Apollo Med is here to support you in that journey. Find out more about PDO threading and how Apollo Med Innovations can help you by going to apollomedinnovations.com today.