So did you guys know that bottled water, you know, bottled water, costs about 2000 times the price of regular old tap water. But hydration is, I think we can all agree on this, a basic human right, and quality drinking water really should be free. That’s the idea behind these guys at FreeWater. Now this revolutionary concept is super simple. Each bottle of water contains a sponsored ad, allowing FreeWater to literally give away premium spring bottled water, again for free. But the goal is to help everyone gain access to clean drinking water. That’s why 10 cents from every bottle of FreeWater is donated to charity to help build water wells for those in need.

“Back in 2015, I was on a trip around the world, and I was moved by the story of a couple of Nigerian refugees. And their story was so sad, it compelled me to cancel my trip around the world and to go volunteer in Eastern Europe,” said Josh Cliffords, founder and CEO of FreeWater Inc.  “And after more than a year of volunteering and helping more than 10,000 people in need, we found that roughly 20% of them or more expressed that they had left their country because they didn’t have access to water, food or medicine. Fast forward to today, and we’ve launched what will evolve to become the world’s first free supermarket. And our water is free because the packaging is the ad space. That’s the catch.”

FreeWater can help solve our global water crisis. If you wanna learn more about the world’s first free beverage company that prioritizes philanthropy and sustainability, head over to or go to their best place, follow them on TikTok, can also go to Facebook, and Instagram, or Twitter today.