Video production has evolved drastically over the years. The pandemic has certainly changed a lot too, forcing us to operate in different conditions than we were prepared for. Now, we need things to be more scalable, and of course, remote. Remote Control Studios was born out of this necessity. Their simple, yet scalable, remote camera kits allow anyone to create professional-level videos without a full-blown studio or super expensive equipment. Now they have multiple options available, suitable to your exact needs.

This includes compact and portable kits, with both single and multi-camera setups. Each kit comes with the prompter, lighting, and audio options as well. Now, all of their remote camera kits are designed for simplicity. Anyone, regardless of their expertise, can get set up and rolling in no time. Not only is it a low-maintenance, easy setup, but you’re saving so much time too. Not to mention the remote aspect, which removes huge line items from your budget. At the beginning of the pandemic, everyone was trying to figure out how to record or broadcast from home. At best, most were using a decent webcam, and frankly, still are.

I knew we could do better. I started Remote Control Studios and designed our camera kits with real broadcast-quality cameras and cinematic lenses. The results speak for themselves. Gorgeous 4K footage, with that really rich, shallow depth of field look, that you could get in the studio. Over the last two years, we have all evolved and gotten very good at doing things remotely. Video production’s no different. The days of having to go into an office or studio for a simple shoot or broadcast are over. We can easily deploy a kit anywhere in the world and even tech for setup.

But the point is, that everyone else joins remotely. This saves tons of time and money. In addition to flexible video recording kits that support any professional endeavor, Remote Control Studios also provides a wide range of support services to help fine-tune your presentations to perfection. From initial setup to post-production, they’re here to ensure you get exactly what you and your clients need. Find out more by visiting today.