Digital media buying is a crucial part of any business looking to create a robust online presence. Now, as we move into the age of artificial intelligence, fusing AI with digital media buying is not only a smart strategy but a vital one. Well, put this strategy on autopilot with eva. live. Eva is an AI-driven digital media buying platform, currently covering 192 countries, processing 29 billion U.S. searches per month in over 11 billion local searches.

Eva was built on the back of AI to scale with the needs of any client. And thanks to its AI capabilities, each client campaign is constantly optimized, evolving with every single consumer interaction. This is real-time optimization that simply isn’t feasible with manual digital media buying. Eva has also grown into a leading partner for many of the largest publishers in the world, like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

And while that allows for seamless ad management, the Big Three, they also have partnerships with over 20,000 vertical private publishers covering an estimated 20% of the internet. With a footprint like that, combined with the power of AI, with a dominant push into the metaverse, Eva is the future of cutting-edge media buying. Find out more by visiting today.