Running a business is hard work, especially when you consider all the necessary software that needs to be developed to support the endeavor. We’re living in a digital world, where commerce and technology go hand in hand. But if developing software isn’t your core business, finding the right software to meet your needs can be a daunting task. Thankfully, there’s Sharp Notions. Founded in 2008, Sharp Notions specializes in developing web applications for the FinTech industry, but that’s only part of it. Now their goal is to help startups become thriving, successful organizations.

They have to help companies like Ernest, Chime, Tally, Bestow, and GradFin transition from small to midsize to huge companies. With a large team of software developers, Sharp Notions offers the design and custom build of software that’s unique to your specific needs. Now, there’s no one solution that fits all. The team of experts dives deep into your specific requirements to help identify the software that you need to successfully run your company. Now, their solutions are not tethered to any one CMS or programming language, allowing them to truly find the right solution for your business.

They then build out the solution to fit those specific requirements on time and on budget. After the build and launch, Sharp Notions will continue to provide software maintenance and web hosting. Sharp Notions goes a step further, as well, and even works with internal talent acquisition engineers to identify the skills necessary for success and helps staff the company with in-house IT professionals. Now, this software development company is completely focused on delivering success for their clients. Sharp Notions’ team is truly all hands on deck for creating the best software for you. Find out more by visiting