OVOU – Boring Paper Business Cards Are a Thing Of The Past

Today we are talking about our new favorite networking tool, smart business cards. For today’s conversation, I’ll be using a classic, matte black smart business card by a company I recently heard about – OVOU. I picked this gem up off ovou.com for $79.99 and man is it sexy. But first, let’s talk about the old paper method. Most people have paper business cards they hand out when they want to share basic information with new business connections. The standard three-and-a-half by two slip of paper leaves enough room to share typically a name, title, email, and phone number.

But if you’ve ever used one, you probably know there’s more you’d like to add to that card than just the basics. And, they’re easy to misplace or forget so there’s no guarantee you’ll see or hear from that person again. Not to mention the hassle and expense when you need
to change your contact info. And that’s where a smart business card comes in. Now, here’s how it works. This card by OVOU has a chip inside of it that activates when you tap it against any smartphone. In addition to the tap function, it has a QR code right on the card to easily scan with any smart device.

One of the reasons you’d use this smart business card over a paper one is that it connects and saves your contact information with the other person digitally and instantly, so it doesn’t get lost. And because it’s done digitally, you can include more details on your profile, like links to your social media accounts or link relevant videos and content on YouTube and Spotify. As someone who routinely networks, a smart business card has been a lifesaver and has allowed me to showcase a fuller picture of who I am—beyond just my job title. For more information about the OVOU smart business card that we used in this demonstration, head over to ovou.com