By: Bryan Tropeano

 CES has always been a huge draw for those in the tech world looking for a meeting ground and melting pot for like-minded innovators. Companies both big and small have been attending the show since its inaugural event in 1967 in New York City.

In 1998, it switched to its current format, is held once a year in Las Vegas. That is until the pandemic forced it online in 2021. The all-digital event was the best they could do in a world that had effectively come to a grinding halt. And though they did the best they could considering the circumstances, it was clear a lot of the magic of CES was missing.

2022 was a return to an in-person format, but it was cut short by a day due to, you guessed it, the lingering pandemic. In January 2022, we were still in battle mode and plenty of exhibitors chose to pull out of the event, leaving it somewhat lackluster. There were only about 44,000 attendees.

But what of 2023? Well, this year is looking up! CES 2023 is expected to have over 100,000 attendees on their floors throughout their many venues in Las Vegas, which is a return to pre-pandemic numbers. We haven’t seen anything in that range since the last pre-COVID event in January of 2020. (The “before times” as we’ve been calling it.)

In that last successful event, they saw 171,000 attendees. We could see something close to that this year. And with all the majors showing up like Amazon, Sony, and LG, and more than 200 conferences presented by more than 750 companies, it’s going to be one heck of an event.

NewsWatch of course will be on deck in Las Vegas reporting on all the best the consumer trade show has to offer.

CES 2023 runs from January 5-8 in Las Vegas. We’ll see you there

Bryan TropeanoBryan Tropeano is a senior producer and a regular reporter for NewsWatch.  He lives in Washington D.C. and loves all things Tech.