Fire is as old as time itself but harnessing it for the home has been a work in progress, particularly how to make it safe and affordable, plus not all of us have space in our backyard to install a big fire pit; that’s where the STON Tabletop Fire Pit comes in handy.

This little guy uses 70% isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol, as fuel which is clean, smokeless, and odorless; it’s also extremely affordable. Made of natural marble, you can set up this tabletop fire pit anywhere in your home where you want to create some ambiance for a relaxing evening in or when entertaining guests. Whether you’re in an apartment or a home, the STON Tabletop Fire Pit works on your patio, balcony, or right on your coffee table.

It even has practical uses beyond fancy decor. Fire up one of these bad boys and you can roast marshmallows with your family for some yummy s’mores. Bringing the fun and relaxing ambiance of a real fireplace into your home is now just a click away. You can learn more and grab your STON Tabletop Fire Pit today on Amazon by scanning the QR code.