Football fever has enveloped the world. The start of the Qatar World Cup 2022 signified the coming together of 32 nations, each battling it out for world cup glory. Qatar kickstarted the event, losing 2-0 to Ecuador in their opening game. The match was broadcast to millions of people, with advertisements surrounding the pitch. made history as the first official crypto sponsor of a football World Cup event. The platform of which Cronos (CRO) is the native currency has introduced itself to millions of potential new users. So, can Runfy (RUNF) replicate the achievements of, becoming one of the only crypto platforms to sponsor an event as renowned as the FIFA World Cup? Let’s find out!

Ready, Set, Runfy!

Runfy is a new platform that allows you to earn while keeping fit. Runfy believes that no one should have to pay for their fitness. Instead, Runfy wants to pay you to exercise! So, what can we expect from the Runfy ecosystem? While Runfy offers the opportunity to earn by exercising, the app in development will allow users to track their nutrition, meals, and calories.


Everyone knows exercising is easier when you have someone to motivate you. Runfy aims to be a 100% community-centric platform, allowing its community members to encourage and empower each other. The close-knit Runfy community could persuade others to join, garnering attention for its light-hearted and fun nature.


Additionally, Runfy will build on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The BSC is famous for its low transaction costs, and fast speeds, utilising a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus. At the time of writing, the BSC is one of the fastest blockchains in the world, allowing the platform and Runfy to scale efficiently.


Runfy will reward its token holders for reaching their fitness goals, empowering them to control their health and fitness. If the new platform continues its positive outlook on the health and fitness industry, we could see Runfy sponsor sports events like the World Cup in 2026. The future looks bright for this new platform as it aims to transform the health and fitness industry. Advertisements Reach Qatar

As mentioned above, was the first cryptocurrency platform to sponsor a football World Cup. The platform for everything expects to gain worldwide exposure as billions of people tune in to watch the event online.


While the native token of the platform, Cronos, is declining, experts predict that the platform could increase its market capitalisation exponentially through the World Cup. Billions of potential users will be introduced to the platform, allowing Cronos to increase in value. allows users to access an array of services on its platform, including an NFT marketplace, an exchange, a DeFi wallet, and a browser extension to access DeFi protocols on a desktop. sponsoring the World Cup in Qatar is a huge step forward for the crypto market. Although it has a generally volatile nature, the market has been responsible for a lot of crypto enthusiasts’ fortunes.

Final Thoughts has taken crucial strides in introducing the crypto market to billions of potential new users. The platform is undeniably leading the charge for crypto adoption among the general public, with Runfy looking to follow in its footsteps.


Runfy could become as big as, amassing millions of users to help the platform grow into a crypto giant. If Runfy gathers millions of followers, it could follow the same path as, becoming the official sponsor for major sports events and potentially increasing its market capitalisation.


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