Narwal is an innovator in floor cleaning technologies with over 400 tech patents pending. And the launch of their highly popular Narwal T-10 Self-Clean Vacuum and Mop, they’re on a mission to help create spotless floors everywhere. Their latest innovation is the exceptional Narwal Freo. Utilizing a unique vacuum and mop two-in-one design, the Freo is chock full of features that you just won’t find in other robot vacuums on the market.

There’s the ultrasonic carpet recognition, the motor-controlled auto liftable rubber roller brush, and auto liftable mopping module each designed to help this small robot clean as efficiently as possible and get out those tough spots in even the dirtiest of floors. Now, these newly added features have the Freo cleaning 70% more efficiently than Narwal’s last generation vacuum and mop hybrid.

By recognizing the difference between carpet and hard floors, it knows exactly when to use the mop and when to use the vacuum without any manual switching on your part. It’s inherent dirt sense system and auto detergent dispenser eliminates the need for setting a cleaning plan or adding detergent to the water tank. And because it knows how dirty your floors are, it knows exactly how diligent it needs to be to get it spotless. It’s safe to say it does a better job than most humans. Now it’s quieter too. Thanks to the upgraded air duct ceiling design and built in noise reduction materials for the air outlet.

You’ll hardly know it’s there when it gets to work. The removable cleaning tray and handles on both sides of the bay station make maintenance a cinch too. The Narwal Freo is the future of clean floors. To keep your floors clean without lifting a finger, grab your Narwal Freo today on Amazon or at