Hey guys, so today we’re gonna be talking about sleep masks and how they help facilitate sleep. I’m gonna be using for this demonstration the Eye Tech Mask by SweetNight. I picked this up for $178 at sweetnight.com. Now, if you think about sleep remedies, you may agree that they tend to neglect an important part of your body when you’re trying to relax, your eyes.

Now, there are masks that help block out the light, but these often neglect the stressful tension stored in your eyes from a full day of activities. Now, this Eye Tech Mask addresses exactly that. Here’s how it works. Simply stretch this band over the back of your head and rest the mask over your eyes. Connect the clip on battery or the USB power cable provided and push the power button to switch on the vibration massage feature. It’s that easy.

The fabric material is soft and lightweight, which is important if you’re gonna try and relax with this eye mask on. This product is very comfortable compared to some of the harder and bulkier products out there on the market. There’s a built-in warm compress feature that allows you to switch on or off at the touch of a button. When used, the mask heats up to about 113 degrees Fahrenheit and safely warms the areas around your eyes. This improves circulation and can make all the difference for a good night’s sleep.

It even has an inlay gel pocket for a cold compress effect as well. And that guides how the Eye Tech Mask helps facilitate sleep. Now you can find out more by heading to sweetnight.com and you can also get more information obviously at newswatchtv.com on emerging technologies and trends. And like the other ones, let’s just go back to me in the studio because let’s where future me is.