Hey guys, so today we’re talking about the value of a couch desk. And for today’s demonstration, I’m using the Couchmaster product series which I picked up on nerdytec.com. So if you’re working from home your preferred setup might be on the couch or in bed. The same goes for avid gamers. But it’s uncomfortable using a mouse and a keyboard long-term in those positions. Enter the Couchmaster.

Now this super comfortable product features armrest cushions that support your arms whether on the couch or in bed. It’s completely ergonomic helping to avoid intense back pain that comes from a long day of working from home or the inevitable extensive gaming session. Now the design is versatile so you can set it up in the best position for you to get the most done with the utmost comfort. Easily attach and detach it when not in use too.

Couchmaster products come with an intelligent cable sorting system for your mouse and keyboard as well. And if you pick one of the home office versions you’ll even get a notebook ventilation grill to keep your laptop cool at all times. So for more information about Nerdytec’s Couchmaster series, head over to nerdytec.com.