How many apps does your company use? Hundreds? Thousands? Well, companies are drowning in apps and IT and security teams are feeling the pressure. They have to grant the right access with the right permissions to the right people, all while keeping the company safe and monitoring spending. All this admin work is taking a toll on your company’s efficiency. That’s why Lumos was created. Employees shouldn’t have access to high-risk permissions or apps. IT and security teams shouldn’t be slowed down with low-risk IT tickets.

Surprisingly, that’s exactly what’s happening in many fast-growing technology companies. IT and security are struggling to optimize their admin work. App-related requests are chewing up their time and preventing them from addressing more critical issues. It doesn’t have to be like that. Lumos is the platform for IT and security teams who want to manage SaaS spend the least privilege and compliance. It all starts with the Lumos App Store. Employees simply visit the app store and request access to the apps and permissions that they need.

The request gets quickly reviewed and approved via Slack or email, vastly accelerating the time to completion of access request tickets. IT and security have full control. They decide who reviews and approves requests for each app and permission. Thanks to this, complete access reviews are faster than ever. By scanning through a comprehensive list of accounts, they can easily remove access that’s no longer needed. Lumos even generates reports which makes life a heck of a lot easier on the finance team that’s trying to anticipate and controls SaaS spending.

The benefits of Lumos are abundant. Increased employee productivity, fewer IT tickets, reduced compliance risks, more visibility and app request and usage, a clear view of SaaS spending, and a lot more. Upgrade your admin work today. Visit to get started.