Thursday, September 29, 2022

Core Organizer – All In One Organizer | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review As we enter an era of technology the world is revolutionizing fast and being organized has become even more important. Luckily, with loads of new technology, there are many more...

TravAlarm – Public Transportation Alarm | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review If you use public transportation you’ve probably experienced the agony of waiting on a platform or a street for a delayed train or bus. That does not have to be...

OnCall – Experts At Your FingerTips | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review No matter how knowledgeable we might be there are always subjects we're just not experts in. That is why we seek the advice of professionals. Now with the app OnCall...

uPackingList – Create Unlimited Lists | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Many people rely on lists to get things done. A lot of times disorganization comes down to lack of lists. NIX Solutions Company has the solution with the uPackingList app....
reTXT - NewsWatchvideo

ReTXT – Texting Redefined | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Have you ever wanted to take back a text you sent or change what you said? Text messaging has more features than it did a few years back, but it’s...

ZWOOKY – Preserve Your Online Anonymity | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review As the digital world grows, so does our ability to communicate to others. But it's a bit of a double-edged sword as we tend to also lose anonymity. Check...

myDiModa – A Stylist In Your Pocket | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Do you like to look good? There's a certain confidence that goes along with dressing nice. But sometimes it's hard to figure out what to wear or what combinations...
Intel for Androidvideo

Intel – Celebrating Dads And Grads | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review It’s that time of year again when we’re recognizing both our dads and our grads. Celebrating an educational milestone or honoring a special father figure can be meaningful and...

CosScan – An Intelligent Skincare App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review The first thing someone usually notices when meeting you is your face. As a very important feature it's essential you take care of it. With so many skincare and cosmetic products...
Comp My Playvideo

Comp My Play – Search For Your Casino! | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Interested in getting awesome deals at your favorite casino locations? Comp My Play is an entertainment app that is equivalent to Expedia but for casinos. It is a search engine that...
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