Friday, October 22, 2021

Business to Business (B2B)

Business to Business (B2B)


ACRO Biomedical – Xenografts | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report With advancements in the medical field in the last ten years there are solutions to major problems that in earlier times would cause despair. Now, cells rely heavily on collagen to...
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How You Can Use Video Conferences More Creatively

  Video broadcasting has certainly become popular over the years, with society being able to quickly adapt to new technologies, forms of communication, and types of entertainment. As a brand, you need...

Brosix – Internal Messaging System | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Fast and free flowing internal communication can determine the failure or success of a business. When employees have the capability to communicate with each other in an instant, efficiency arrives...

Connected Solutions – Wireless Instant Engine Diagnostics | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Cummins Engines is a global leader in the diesel engine market. With four main business segments including Engines, Power Systems, Components Business, and Distribution, they provide products and services to...

M3 Solutions – NetSpot Smart Stations | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Companies often provide their employees with laptops and tablets prior to meetings or throughout the workday.  And while this common practice has its benefits, it also means each tablet or...

LucidWorks – Smart Data Organization | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report When it comes to big data, the conversation is typically around infrastructure. While infrastructure is important, people tend to forget one key element – the user. Lucidworks Fusion is a...

Graematter – SOFIE Regulatory Intelligence System | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report So, we live in an increasingly regulated environment.  Regulated industries like healthcare are finding themselves buried in new regulations and massive amounts of information.   A company called Graematter has developed...

SWAMP – Software Assurance Marketplace | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Software controls so many aspects of our lives. Software developers work hard to make their software secure and do their best to remove all potential weaknesses. The Software Assurance Marketplace, or...

The Performance Group – Interactive Events | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report With the invention of these beautiful things like cell phones, tablets, laptops, and the internet we’re now connected around the clock to our work and social life.  This connectivity has...

Skipstone – Interactive Questions Answered | NewsWatch Review

Did you know that videos are a great way for brands and companies to communicate the right message to a consumer. But there’s a problem here that most have overlooked. What...

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Google Launches Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

Photo By: Google By: Nick Gambino Not 24 hours after Apple’s Unleashed event where they debuted the newest MacBook and AirPods, Google held their Pixel Fall...

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