Monday, September 20, 2021

Business to Business (B2B)

Business to Business (B2B)


PayVerifi – Secure Payment Authorization

Biz Report If you own a business there is a good chance you have experienced the headache that accompanies setting up a “card not present” payment portal. In other words, processing a...

Frequentz – Helping Businesses Track Their Products

AppWatch Businesses benefit greatly from having the ability to track their products from beginning to the end. Frequentz, a global traceability solutions company, has developed a powerful technology that does just that. It’s...

DevExpress – When Only The Best Will Do | NewsWatch Review

Business Review It seems everything is controlled by an app these days. So app development has become important to consider for anyone interested in creating one. For over 15 years DevExpress has...
Open Dvideo

Open D – Community Builder App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Here is a new business app out on the market that could change the way businesses conduct their social media marketing and manage communications.  It’s called Open D...

CallRevu – Never Lose a Sale | NewsWatch Review

Business Review Car dealerships are a huge industry that rely on a strong sales foundation. Without a quality sales staff dealerships crumble. With the company CallRevu you can avoid any deficiency in...

Calibrace – Talent Acquisition Done Right | NewsWatch Review

Business Review If you run a business or are in the HR industry then you know how difficult it can be to acquire talented workers. It is a time consuming process to...

Scanalytics – Floor Sensor Analytics | NewsWatch Review

SXSW Review Tracking statistics in business is invaluable in analyzing and growing your enterprise. When it comes to retail this goes a step beyond revenue statistics and tracking how much merchandise...

Radaris – Comprehensive People Search | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review We are a naturally curious species. As human beings, it is in our blood to want to know more so we don't get caught in a bad situation. That...

NewOnScene – Interactive Virtual Theater | NewsWatch Review

Business Review There are plenty of sites on the Internet to post videos of your wild antics or something funny that you caught on video. Many of those sites have a...

Holonis – Your Smarter Marketplace | NewsWatch Review

Business Review Let's face it, we have moved into a digital age. It is a period full of change. If you own or operate a business there is no denying you...

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